Pregnant Mother Saved Family by Killing Intruder with AR-15

The eight-month-pregnant mother returned fire with her semi-automatic rifle, scoring a hit on one intruder

Virginia House Passes Ban on Semi-Auto Firearms and Suppressors in Hyperpartisan Vote

It's time to wake up, people

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Major Companies Blaming Coronavirus For Deteriorating Outlook

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Boeing Hits All-Time Low With Zero Orders In January

First month with no orders in almost 60 years

WHO Dubs Coronavirus ‘Public Enemy Number 1’

Death toll rises as virus continues global spread

Apple Erases Men in New Ad For iPad Pro

Quite literally erases them.

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Why Iowa and New Hampshire no longer matter, and who REALLY decides the Dem nominee

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Princess Cruise ship (NOT the Diamond Princess) finds 370 passengers sick… but officials say don’t worry, it’s not the coronavirus

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Sanders Edges Buttigieg to Win New Hampshire Dem Primary

Biden, Warren stunned in key primary vote