Michael Moore: “Evil Genius” Trump Could be Lying About Having COVID to Postpone the Election

"He’s not above weaponizing this.”

Trump Testing Positive For Coronavirus Could Actually Help His Chances of Re-Election

It boosted both Bolsonaro and Boris Johnson’s approval numbers.

Leftists Claim Trump Faked His Coronavirus Infection

To allow him to beat the virus quickly and downplay its severity.

Could Trump’s Coronavirus Test Be a False Positive?

“Up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus,” NYT reported.

Chinese State Media Gloats About Trump Catching Coronavirus

Celebrates possibility it could cost him the election.

CNN’s Don Lemon Suggests Trump Said Coronavirus Was a “Hoax”

Never happened.

Washington Post Tweets “Imagine What it Will be Like Never to Have to Think About Trump Again” After Coronavirus Announcement

Tweet unconnected to Trump’s diagnosis, but WaPo deleted it less than an hour later.

Ted Cruz Tells CNN: “Trump Broke You Guys”

Slams Joe Biden for wanting to shut down America.

CNN Says We’re Never “Getting Back to Normal”

Wearing face masks is going to become “permanent.”

NY Times Admits WHO’s Decision Not to Close Borders at Start of Pandemic Was Based on “Politics,” Not Science

We told you that 8 months ago.

Flashback: Chris Wallace Mocked Trump in 1988 Interview

Suggested president should apologize for his wealth.

Former Twitter CEO Calls For Political Enemies to be “Lined Up Against The Wall and Shot”

Place your bets on him getting banned.

COVID Police Crash 10-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party After Neighbors Snitch on Family

Mother placed on watchlist after being grassed up.

Man Stabbed to Death by Migrant For Trying to Prevent Girlfriend Being Raped Was Targeted Over ‘Sweden Democrats’ Cap

“He’s a racist.”

Video: White BLM Supporters Flee From Black Trump Supporters in Cleveland

Optics check?