Captain Cringe! Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Dresses As “Rona Destroyer”

Stunt intended to bring attention to city's Halloween COVID guidelines.

Black Proud Boys Destroy Left-Wing Lies, Denounce White Supremacy

'We are not a white supremacist group.'

NYC “Mask Patrol” To “Aggressively” Enforce Face Covering Mandate

Fines will be issued to those who refuse to comply.

Jill Biden Shuts Down Jake Tapper On Joe’s Gaffes – “Nope, Done!”

'I can't even say the word gaffe?' Tapper asked.

Watch: Driver Arrested After Being Chased Down & Attacked By BLM Mob

Vehicle slowly rolling through crowd still gets attacked.

Portland Denies Proud Boys Rally Permit After 120 Days Of Antifa/BLM Rioting

Democrat-run city allows leftist chaos while suppressing conservative free speech.

Breaking! Shots Fired, Officer Down At Louisville Breonna Taylor Riots – Video

See the moment shots rang out.

Shots Fired! Two Officers Down At Louisville Breonna Taylor Riots – Video

See the moment shots rang out.

Report: 500,000 Tibetans Forced Into Chinese Labor/Re-education Camps

China aims to eliminate 'the negative influence of religion.'

Poll: Americans Far Less Likely To Take COVID Vaccine Than 1 Month Ago

Both Republicans and Democrats appear skeptical of a COVID-19 vaccination.

Limbaugh Suggests Senate Skip Hearings For SCOTUS Confirmation Vote

'Especially when it's not even required.'

UK COVID CPR Procedure: Place Towel Or Clothing Over Nose and Mouth

Medical group claims restricting airways helpful in resuscitating unconscious individuals.

“Choose Your Side” – UK Anti-Lockdown Protesters Face Off With Police

Thousands of patriots gathered to speak out against mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns.

Man Slaps 84-Year-Old Woman For Supporting Trump, Gets Held At Gunpoint By Retired Cop

'He broke my earring off and just took up my whole face with his hand.'

Court Docs: Trump Offered Assange Deal If He Revealed Source of DNC Hack

POTUS presented the Wikileaks founder with a 'win-win situation.'